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North Korea , Thursday 22 February 2018

News North Korea » Government: 'Father of defectors' on life after North Korea

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Publication date: Wednesday 21 February 2018

I was then given Japanese residency and in 2001, I finally arrived back in South Korea. "The Korean government doesn't treat defectors as people and the society isn't interested in them. "I founded the North Korean Refugees Human Rights Association of ...

News North Korea » Government: Pence, North Korea 'planned secret Olympic meeting'

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Publication date: Wednesday 21 February 2018

Vice President Mike Pence was all set to hold a history-making meeting with North Korean officials during the Winter Olympics in South Korea, but Kim Jong Un's government canceled at the last minute, the Trump administration said Tuesday. A potential ...

News North Korea » Government: Vox’s US Government-Linked Experts Present Options for Korea: Sanctions or War

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Publication date: Sunday 11 February 2018

RAND also lists the governments of South Korea and Japan in its list of clients and grantors. Unsurprisingly, the US government-linked experts cited by Vox portray North Korea as the primary aggressor, and the United States and its South Korean ally as the ...

News North Korea » Government: North Korea: THIS eerie government-issued app reveals disturbing apocalyptic fears

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Publication date: Friday 09 February 2018

Despite hope that the Winter Olympic Games truce will last, many South Korean locals are more pessimistic, according to a US report this week. Speaking to ABC News, a contingent of residents in Seoul revealed how they have prepared for mass evacuations and ...

News North Korea » Government: Admiral says North Korea aiming to reunify Korean Peninsula

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Publication date: Wednesday 14 February 2018

These workers are allowed to leave the country but must send most of what they earn back to the government's coffers in Pyongyang. The U.S. has been urging countries not to host the workers as part of a broader effort to cut off the cash North Korea needs ...

News North Korea » Government: US denies plan for 'bloody nose' strike on North Korea

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Publication date: hursday 15 February 2018

WASHINGTON (AP) — The United States doesn't have a "bloody nose" strategy for North Korea, senators of both parties and a Trump administration official said Thursday, rejecting claims the U.S. wants to strike the North's nuclear program in a way that ...

News North Korea » Government: DPRK Government Officials Visit Ku’msusan on DOTSS

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Publication date: Sunday 18 February 2018

Senior DPRK Government officials process through the statue hall at ... Vice Present Yang Hyong Sop [Yang Hyo’ng-sop], SPA Presidium Vice President and Korea Social Democratic Party Central Committee Chairman Kim Yong Dae [Kim Yo’ng-tae], DPRK Foreign ...

News North Korea » Government: In 1983, North Korean Special Forces Tried to Assassinate South Korea's Government

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Publication date: hursday 08 February 2018

After hospitalization, Kim and Kang are brought before a Burmese tribunal. Kim’s lips remain sealed and he his hung in 1986. Kang decides to tell everything in return for a life sentence. Pyongyang denies that any of the agents are even citizens of North ...